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Welcome to Robots Don’t Dance. This is a space to share knowledge about work in the tech world. I’ve created this site to give myself (and I hope others soon, as well) a chance to write out the things that happen daily at work and to share my experiences with others who may be in similar situations.

Let’s start from here: I am a Project Manager, working at a software development company in the Buffalo, NY area. My career background is in banking, food service (both back and front of house), retail, and web design/development. I hold two BA degrees from SUNY Buffalo State (Music Performance, 1997 and Sociology, 2010) and an MS degree in Library Science from SUNY Buffalo (2016). But this site is not about my resume or my credentials. It is about the daily crap that one has to deal with when they are in an industry where change SHOULD be an important part of the workflow, but it is fought every step of the way by the people that would gain the most from that change.

I named this space “Robots Don’t Dance” because it is the truth. Although there is a dance specifically called the robot, real robots would have to be programmed to do that dance. They cannot think on their own, they can only do what they are programmed to do. When a choreographer shows up to make the robots dance, they malfunction because it is too much for them.

I find this a direct metaphor for the software company that I work for in that the managers would be happier with robots rather than humans because (surprise!) ROBOTS DON’T DANCE. Robots never try to change anything up. They just do what they are told, powered by code and electricity, they are easy to deal with. Robots never create conflict.

As we move ahead, I think you will start to get the picture of where I’m going with this and I hope you will feel compelled to join the conversation. I have only worked for one software company, so I am wondering how things are at other companies. Do you have managers that are resistant to change? Do you know Project Managers or Scrum Masters who have a difficult time getting the team motivated because they are tied to their previous (consistent) way of doing things? Is this just me or is this a widespread issue in the industry? Please share your experiences in the comments and let’s get the conversation flowing!

Welcome to Robots Don’t Dance. I truly hope you enjoy your time here!


Chantale (not a robot)

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